Who We Are

“To Love ones neighbour is to love God” is the sole teaching of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Following these words, we share the love and prepare home to quench the thirst for love, care, protection and groom the poor children for bright future. Since every child deserves a chance, the Foundation works towards making this a possibility.

The Tiger Foundation was announced on the 1st Nov 2010 when a group of 7 like minded people decided to work together with a common vision trying to change lives of children, women & senior citizens of lower class of society both in urban & rural. The foundation became registered at the charity commissioner members society region, Maharashtra, Mumbai 113GBB ID, 2011 dated : 12th January 2011, Our Trust registration number is F41368/Mumbai dated 25th April 2011.

The Tiger Foundation has been formed with the idea of providing proper updated medical care affordable to all. As a first step the foundation has established The Health Centre. This is a free out-patient clinic that reaches out to people from all walks of life. Free consultation and treatment is provided with the help of doctors specialised in different fields of medicine.

The Tiger Foundation hopes to alleviate the economic inability of talented students to receive education. We properly identify the deserving students, their skills and attitude and help them with their education in schools, colleges and technical institutions to shape their future through our scholarship program. This will ensure, we help the next generation of students to become our future leaders and innovators.

The Tiger Foundation